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Tantric Healing - Sydney

Chi nei Tsang Massage: Chi nei Tsang means 'working the energy of the internal organs'. Chi nei Tsang massage is performed on the abdominal area. It integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, and goes to the essence of health problems, both physical and emotional.

When doing the Chi Nei Tsang massage I incorporate psychosomatic work. We start with breath work and meditation. This puts you into an altered, mediative state that allows you to access your subconscious.

I use my hands on your abdomen to find places where past emotional blocks are held, and together we address and release them.

It is amazing the knowledge of your body. A person I was working on today, when I touched a place on his abdomen, he remembered a dog he had as a child, but when the dog died he didn't grieve …which came from the child's understanding that to be a man you are not allowed to show or feel emotion. We were able to go back to the dogs death and let him grieve. This then transferred to his life today, and he became aware of how he would suppress his feelings, because the child believed that feelings were unmanly. Now he can consciously recognise when he is suppressing his feelings and chose to or not, rather than not understanding why he didn't feel emotions.

This is an example of what happens in a session. In one session we usually cover 3 issues that are held in your subconscious, we bring them to consciousness, and I guide you through a process, so that they lose their power over you. Often we react on what I call 'triggers', things that happened to us when we were young and we don't know why we keep reacting to them in the same way. Your body holds this knowledge and the brain overrides this knowledge so it becomes lost. The healing allows you to go back to the source, to find out why you react in a certain way, so you may choose to let it go or simply understand.

Cost: $300 for 90 min.