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About Helena

I come from a linage of female healers. My mother was a midwife and carer of babies and women (both young and elderly).

I grew up on a sheep station in NSW, where occasionally, a lamb would have white muscle disease or pink eye. I would look at them, tune into them, then lay my hands on 'where they needed it'. By the end of the day they would be cured. The first time I made love, light shot through my body ... then i grew up and forgot it all.

I became a contemporary dancer and Olympic gymnastics coach, always fascinated with the human body and curious about pushing its limits.

After having children, I opened a pilates studio (which I still run) and a dance and gymnastics school. After the break up of my marriage I spent 5 years delving into Tantric studies with Oceania and Icarus in Byron Bay.

I had found my path.

My Tantric teachers, and the areas of tantra they have instructed me, include:

  • Oceania and Icarus: Tantra teachers with psychological and personal growth teachings and techniques
  • Anna Davidovich: instructed me in sacred women's work
  • Kahdro: a Tibetan taoist, taught me Chi Nang Tsang: massage of the internal organs, and is a second mum to me
  • Nitiyama: instructed me in body-work, energy centres (physical and auric) and how to activate, connect and integrate the energies
  • Margo Anand: instructed me in energy-raising breath-work
  • Stephine: a Sanskrit teacher, introduced me to the Upanishads, Yoga Sutra's and ancient Tantric texts
  • Dave: instructed me in powerful Tantric love-making
  • Andre: a philosopher of the world's religions

I have been studying Tantra now for 20 years and have been teaching it for 8.

I teach a synthesis of the above teachers' work and my own experience and insight, which incorporates my understanding of touch, breath and movement of the human body.